• Assisting investors entering the Turkish market
  • Analysis specific industries and identify the key participants
  • Approaches to the potential targets
  • Conducting due diligence services
  • Advice on accounting issues
  • Valuation of the target
  • Advice on negotiations of price and commercial terms
  • Strategic advice and assistance with deal planning
  • Guidance on the structuring of the investment and tax consequences
  • Searching for potential investors in Turkey or internationally
  • Arranging introductions to such investors
  • Preparation of information memorandum and business plan
  • Valuation analysis for alternative methods and scenarios
  • Strategic advice and assitance with deal planning
  • Selling a minority or majority shareholding
  • Selling the sale of the shares in the business or its assets
  • Advice on warranties and other aspects of share or asset sale
  • Assisting in understanding the nature of the Target
  • Identifying the Target’s prospects, strengths and weaknesses as well as financial issues
  • Understanding the quality of assets and the potential liabilities of the Target as well as searching for unrecorded liabilities
  • Focusing on negotiation points as well as the issues need to be protected in the SPA.
  • Assisting the seller to uncover the possible deal issues
  • Analyzing and identifying the risk of the business from a potential buyer’s point of view and prepare the arguments in the early stage of the transaction
  • Minimize the negotiation points that might be raised by the purchaser
  • Preparing and managing the data room thus enables seller to facilitate and control the process
  • Assisting in the negotiation and drafting the SPA
  • Business Enterprise Valuation:
    Advice on the price you should pay or ask when acquiring or disposing of companies by using the discounted cash flow, comparative transactions or other methods.
  • Purchase Price Allocation:
    Assisting you in carrying out the PPA process and advice you for the future financial reporting consequences.
    In accordance with the relevant account standards, intangible assets such as brands, and technology must be identified and valued.
  • Independent Expert Opinion:
    Determine the value of the shares when a group of shareholders wishes to sell their shares or exchange their shares among the other shareholders.
  • Impairment Test:
    Providing re-evaluation services for goodwill and other intangible assets that have an indefinite life.
  • Deeply analyze the industry and benchmark companies
  • Understand the key commercial and financial drivers of the business
  • Design and build flexible models with fact-based output
  • Advice on the impact of each assumption changes on the tax and financial structure